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Hydrogen Instrument is the first hydrogen SPA instrument in China. After years test and research it comes out in 2016. 

Hydrogen SPA is a simple and effective way to cure many diseases.

Hydrogen Instrument
Detox Machine

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Hydrogen Instrument

Detox Machine

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Hydrogen Rich Water Instrument

Hydrogen Rich Water Instrument

Hydrogen is the safest antioxidants, not have any side effect.

Studies have shown that hydrogen can treat many types of diseases, such as cancer, Intestinal diseases; Stomach trouble; Skin problem; Radiation Injury, etc.

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Hydrogen Instrument

Benefits of Hydrogen Rich Water

Hydrogen plays a therapeutic role in the mechanism of its selective antioxidant effect.

Reactive oxygen species in vivo biological oxygen metabolism of oxygen-free radicals and easy formation of peroxide radicals in general. The body of free radicals and reactive oxygen species are important active substances, under normal circumstances, to maintain the body’s normal function rode an important role, but there are a small number of strong toxic free radical activity, it is key to generating oxidative damage. Such as hydroxyl radicals and Guoyang nitroso anion.

Produce aging and disease is due to oxidation and antioxidant system imbalance, so in order to anti-aging and treatment of disease, the key is to maintain a balance in vivo oxidation system and antioxidant system.

Hydrogen has a selective antioxidant effect. It removes selectively  the body of toxic hydroxyl radicals and peroxynitrite, and the human body has an important biological role, less toxic free radicals do not have an effect, since the co-workers the molecular characteristics of small, diffuse hydrogen molecules almost to various locations of the body to play a role, and is currently not found any side effects of hydrogen molecules. In addition, the hydrogen molecules also inflammation, apoptosis and abnormal growth of blood vessels have a significant therapeutic effect.

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Detox Machine

The Detox Machine is a professional detoxification system which helps with total body purification. Ions are atoms or molecules that in most cases carry either a positive or negative charge.

Detox Machine

A01 – Single Person

Professional Ionic Detox Foot Bath & Spa Chi Cleanse Machine 2016 Model - A01

Foot DetoxMachine Ion Foot Bath Spa Cell Cleanse with Far Infrared belt CHI


Detox Machine

A02 – Two Persons


Dual Ion Cell Detox Ionic Foot Bath Spa Cleanse Machine with LCD & Infrared Belt


Detox Machine

B01 – Single Person

Detox foot spa machine New ionic detox foot spa foot bath - B01

Ionic Foot Detox Machine Bath Spa CHI Cell Cleanse with Massage Far Infrared


Detox Machine

B02 – Two Persons

Ionic Foot Detox Machine Bath Spa CHI Cell Cleanse with Massage Far Infrared - B02

Dual Foot Detox Machine Ion Foot Bath Spa Cell Cleanse Far Infrared belts


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